Welcome to 2013

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Welcome to 2013

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It's a new year, Hope you have all had a wonderful holiday
And yes, we've been on holiday to long... man do we have a lot to catch up with on the show.
Yes, we've been down for quite a while now, but we're not gone by any stretch.
It's been a couple of whirlwind months of road trips, tours, pandemonium, and adventures.
We've stared straight in the eye of death and said "is that all ya got?"
We've endured tests of celibacy, sustained serious injuries, and Worked the Road
Needless to say we're gonna be kicking off 2013 with a bang up of a show with lots of stories and hopefully a surprise.

That said, I'm hoping to record this coming week.
So, time to start those listener questions and comments
Post em if ya got em!
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