I am now a podcast junkie

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I am now a podcast junkie

Postby Gawd » Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:40 pm

Don't have much time at home to listen on the puter.
So I finally got to download all the podcasts onto my ipod.
And now I listen to them incessantly to hear them all.
I don't get much time with my ipod either, so I listen when I can, which sometimes means while I'm drifting off to sleep.
Bizzzar waking to the three of you yacking in my ear at 4am about Christ knows what.
But I suppose there could be alot worse things.
*giggles madly to self*

I'm also addicted to Alex Jones' podcasts, which I also listen to during the three hours of menial tasking werk I do during the week, and whatever quick ride I might need to take to get to wherever.

Either way, I am now a podcast junkie.
Thanks, I think.
Besides, if you say my name once on the air, you have my attention for life.

Love you guys,
Looking fwd to the next podcast with bells on and nnipple tassles swingin,

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