Micheal Jackson finally Dead at 50!

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Micheal Jackson finally Dead at 50!

Postby Bone » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:41 pm

According to TMZ the pop superstar and "alleged" child molester Micheal Jackson died today of a cardiac arrest.
Jackson had a series of "comeback" tour dates scheduled to start in July and run through March 2010.
Will he pull a "Thriller" on us with a Zombie "Comeback from the Dead Tour" now?
If he does will Elvis be on the Bill????

The real question... how many will morn this "alleged" Kid Toucher, and who will be moon walking on his grave.

Personally I am a little sad... Been to much fun to watch this creeps downhill slide since the last molestation case. However the crown for most fucked up individual on the planet is now up for grabs!

read the news headlines here:
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